Use your library card to receive free admission or a special discount at select suburban cultural destinations.      
Here’s how you can check out a Museum Adventure Pass at the Library:
  1. Click here to check out the list of participating museums.

    Find out what discoveries await you, get directions to the museum, and review each museum’s pass entry offer, including any restrictions that may apply.

  2. Come in to the Library to pick up your pass.
    Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Passes cannot be reserved or checked out online or on the phone.

  3. One Museum Adventure Pass may be checked out per HOUSEHOLD. Passes may only be checked out by a Shorewood-Troy adult resident card holder.

  4. The loan period is seven days. The pass will expire after the date printed on the pass. Only one pass per account may be checked out during the seven day loan period.

  5. Admission offers vary per museum.
    For some, two or four people may be admitted free per pass, or by carload. If museum admission is already free, another special discount will be offered.

  6. Passes are for one-time use and are not transferable.
    Your name will be printed on the pass and you will be asked to show identification at the museum. You should be prepared to show both your library card and an ID. The museum will collect the pass when you visit