The library offers one meeting room for public use. Our meeting room is available for civic, cultural, educational, and public information meetings of groups based in the Shorewood-Troy library district, or groups which have a significant number of resident members.

Meeting Room A is located on the lower level of the library building and holds a maximum of 85 people. It is a large square space with long tables, chairs, and a sink available.

The Study Room is located on the main level of the library building and holds between 1 and 3 people. It is a smaller space with a desk, 3 chairs, and a public computer available.
The  meeting room is available for a fee, while the study room is available at no cost. The individual reserving the room will be responsible for all members of their group.

  • Fees
    Meeting Room A 
              Non-Profit Group (up to 4 hours) - $10
              For-Profit Group (up to 4 hours) - $50
    Study Room - No Fee

  • Early Reservation
    The meeting room may be reserved no more than 3 months in advance.
    The study room may be reserved no more than 48 hours in advance.

  • Availability
    Rooms are subject to availability. Priority is given first to library programming.

  • More Information
    Use of the rooms are subject to the policies adopted by the Library Board of Trustees. For more information, see the terms of the Meeting Room Policy and Study Room Policy.

To get started:

  • Submit a reservation request.**

  • The request is not final until approved by the library and a confirmation has been sent.

  • Use of a meeting room is subject to the Meeting Room Policy adopted by the Library Board of Trustees.

**To request a meeting room for the first time, a group must create an account by calling or stopping by the library. After the account is set up, the group's representative may request to reserve the meeting room directly online or by stopping by the library.

To request the study room, you must stop by the library or contact us at 815-725-1715.

Drop-ins are able to use the room, as long as it has not been previously reserved. Room use is subject to the terms of the Study Room Policy.