June 11 - July 22
Early Registration begins June 6th | Last day to turn in logs is July 29th
MINI ADVENTURERS ("read to me" ages)

Even the youngest pre-reader can participate in the library's Summer Reading Program. Children and their caregivers will read, sing, and play together to complete their reading log. Every baby or toddler who completes their reading log will win a book and stuffed animal prize and will be entered into the drawing for a grand prize.

KIDS (independent readers through age 12)

There's tons of fun ways to read, play, and win at the library this summer, and the choice is up to you! Sign up and receive a coupon pack to get free treats around town.  Choose to read either 7 books or for 7 hours, and you'll be entered into our gran prize drawing.

Plus, set a reading goal for yourself (as long as it's over 8 hours or 8 books), reach your goal, and you'll be entered into our super grand prize drawing for your very own BB-8.

You'll also get the chance to win even more prizes when you play Plinko, complete our weekly challenges, or take part in some of our fun activities listed to the right of this page.

Some fun programs to look forward to include:

TEENS (ages 13-18) & ADULTS (AGES 19+)

Once you sign up and receive your free gift, you get to choose your OWN adventure! You have the option of completing the summer reading program one of two ways: READ 5 or READ 20 in 20. There are also plenty of options to earn extra raffle entries, including attending programs, visiting our library community garden, completing our scavenger hunt, competing in the book bracket, or finding A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E. letters throughout town. See the descriptions to the right for more information.

Option 1: READ 5
Read 5 complete books (or audiobooks) and fill in the title and author on your reading log. Earn 5 entries into our grand prize drawing. Keep reading books, and you'll earn an extra entry for each additional book.

Option 2: READ 20 in 20
Read 20 minutes for 20 days. Any kind of reading counts, including magazines, websites,  graphic novels, kids books, etc. Earn 1 entry into our grand prize drawing.

Some fun programs to look forward to include:

For all ages

If you stopped by the library for our Kickoff Party, then you saw the A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E. letters we were decorating! Those letters have been split up and spread all around Shorewood. Find all 9 locations, and you'll receive an additional 5 entries into our raffle.
For all ages

Did you know the library has a garden at the community plots near Four Seasons Park? If you visit the garden, you can earn extra chances to win prizes at the library!

For kids - use the hole punch at the entrance to the garden on your weekly activity log to earn extra entries into our weekly raffles.

For teens and adults - each week, we'll have a special phrase displayed at the garden. Stop by the library and tell us what it is, and you'll receive an extra entry into our grand prize drawing for each new phrase you find. 

For a map to the park, stop by the library or click here.
For teens & adults

When you sign up, you'll be given the first clue in our scavenger hunt. Solve it and find the next clue card hidden on the shelves in the main floor of the library. Find all of the clue cards and you'll earn two extra raffle tickets to enter our grand prize drawing.
For teens & adults

Let's solve this once and for all! What book has what it takes to beat the rest? Fill out your book bracket starting June 1st and return it by June 18th for an extra entry into our grand prize drawing. 

The rest of the summer, the books will battle it out until only one remains. Vote for your favorites to advance your picks. Those who make it the furthest will win an additional prize.
Who can participate?

Everyone! As long as you have a library card from Shorewood-Troy or any neighboring library, you can participate. We have reading programs for all ages: Babies/Toddlers (0-Readers), Kids (Early Readers - Age 12), Teens (ages 13-18), Adults (ages 19+). 

Do I need to be enrolled in the Summer Reading Program to attend individual programs?

Our programs are open to everyone in the community, but there's no reason not to sign up for Summer Read! Plus, teens and adults who are enrolled in the program will get extra entries into our grand prize raffles for every program they attend.  

What books count?

Any book (or audiobook) counts, regardless of whether it came from the library. Of course, we'd love for you to stop by and check out what we have to offer! You can also read print books, or download an e-book from our digital collection.

For those participating in the teen or adult "READ 20 in 20" program, any kind of reading at all counts, including magazines, websites, graphic novels, etc.

What is the cost?

Free! There's no fee for signing up for the Summer Reading Program.

What if I don't complete my reading log?

The fun of the Summer Reading Program is challenging yourself! If you aren't able to complete your reading log, you can always try again next year. You won't be entered into any drawings, but you'll still get to keep your signup gift.

What if I don't turn in my reading log on time?

In order to be entered into our grand prize drawings, all reading logs must be turned in by July 29th.