Looking for the perfect book to read, but you aren't sure where to start? Check out these favorite titles available at the library. Whether you're in the mood for dystopian mayhem, fantastical love stories, heart-pounding adventure, or anything else, we'll help you out!


Would you have what it takes to survive if the world around you crumbled?

Everday Life

Stories you can relate to, whether it's friends, family, school, sports, or whatever you do in your everyday life.


Travel to magical lands full of witches & wizards, kings & queens, elves, and fairies.

Gentle Reads

Enjoyable light reads to while away a day, these books are a nicer alternative to mayhem, horror, and angst.


From the Roman Empire to the recent past, read about how characters lived their lives throughout history.

Middle Readers

Ideal for ages 11-14, take your first steps beyond kids books. Titles may be available in the Young Adult (YA) or Juvenile (J) collections.


Get swept up in romance, whether it's a school crush, supernatural courtship, or epic drama.

Science Fiction

Sail among the stars with these tales of robots and androids, interplanetary travel, and other imaginings of futuristic societies.


Set in a world not unlike our own, but with a supernatural twist, enjoy tales of vampires, ghosts, witches, and werewolves.

Tough Stuff

These stories cover the tough topic of surviving abuse, addiction, depression, and illness.


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